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Make your C# form go fullscreen

Many applications have the ability to go fullscreen. Here’s a simple snippet which will make your form go fullscreen and restore to its original location. For testing purposes, I’ve attached a very simple KeyDown event which checks for F11 keypresses (the standard fullscreen keyboard shortcut in many applications). [csharp]using System.Drawing; using System.Windows.Forms; namespace Danny_GB_Net {…

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Creating a borderless form with a custom title bar in C#

I’ve developed a borderless form, with full functionality, in pure code. I’ve avoided design view, because… well, just because I felt like it. Coming from a C++ background, I’m quite used to coding everything in myself. NOTE: The output is quite ugly, but this is a basic example to demonstrate the functionality of a custom…

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WP-Members: Automatically login after registration

WP-Members is a fantastic plugin for securing various areas of your WordPress site for access by registered users.  While extremely versatile, not everything can be controlled through the settings alone. An often-requested feature is for the plugin to automatically login a user after they have registered.  Unfortunately, this functionality is unavailable in the current version of…

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