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My brief stint of internet fame

Recently, someone started sending me cake.  It was posted through my door, left on my doorstep when it was too big, and even just left outside my office for me to find. It’s been driving me crazy. I posted about it on Reddit, and made it to the front page.. then went a little viral….

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RC Drifting Pictures

I have recently set up a new website which showcases RC drift pictures. To create the website I used WordPress as a base and then installed some plugins to give the website some functionality. Danny will be helping me with custom PHP and Javascript when I require more bespoke functionality. In the meantime please…

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Gangsters, Guns and Zombies

I have a soft spot for low budget films, especially those with zombies. It’s one of the many reasons that I love Netflix so much, which is where I found this a couple of nights ago. Don’t even bother. £1,200 budget, and the biggest name was Clint from Eastenders. The film literally consists of alternations…

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