RSS to Posts WordPress Plugin

I recently figured I should probably get my website set back up after it being down for around about a year. In doing so, I wanted to find a way to keep new posts flowing without me actually needing to do anything, so I wound up making a plugin.

It was kind of interesting getting back to my roots and putting together a WordPress plugin using all the things I’ve learned in the past year, putting it together in a more object oriented way and even using React to build the admin page.It’s a fairly simple plugin, and it only took a few hours to write, but you’ll see it active here on my site too. The idea is that it allows automated posts via a WP cron job, sourced from RSS feeds.

I used a free tool called QueryFeed which provides my Instagram posts as an RSS feed to import my Instagram posts directly into my blog feed, but it could just as easily be used to repost articles from other blogs and create an aggregated feed.

Features include sourcing the title, content, categories and media (which can be sideloaded as a featured image on the post) in a customisable way, complete with preview of what’s being pulled from the feed.It’s currently limited to 5 items per hour, but if I find the plugin starts to gain traction I’ll look to make more things a little more configurable, and might even add plugins for sources other than RSS (yeah, plugins for a plugin… Yo dawg and all that jazz).

More to follow soon once it hits the plugin store!

In the meantime… you can check out the repository here.

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