Android SDK Manager Not Opening

The Android ADT Bundle has come a long way since I last used it way back when Android first came about.  It used to be a long-winded process of downloading the Eclipse IDE and then setting up the plugin, emulator and SDK levels manually.

I’ve recently been getting back into Android development, but when I tried to set up the ADT Bundle on my laptop, I encountered an issue with the Android SDK Manager – the issue being that it simply wouldn’t open.

After a quick search around, I found that it’s a common problem caused by having an incorrect PATH defined in the system variables.

On Windows 7, this can be changed by right clicking on Computer, and clicking on “Advanced system settings.”  From there, click on “Environment variables”, and find “Path” in the “System variables” list.

Once you’ve found it, double click on it to edit, and paste in the installation path of your JDK, which should be something like the following:
C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_45\bin

Be sure to separate it from any other paths with a semicolon!

After this is done, save and close, go back to the SDK Manager, and download the SDK versions you require!