Ingress Update – Achievements!

Screenshot_2013-09-12-20-27-36Over at inLIFE HQ, we’ve all gone a bit mad for the Android game known as Ingress.  We’re a little late to the party, but we’re catching up fast!

Well, they just released a loooovely new update, which adds an Agent profile along with a whole number of stats and even achievements.



Here’s a quick breakdown of Ingress achievement requirements:

T1: Deploy 2000 resonators.
T2: Deploy 10000 resonators.
T3: Deploy 30000 resonators.
T4: Deploy 100000 resonators.
T5: Deploy 200000 resonators.

T1: Link 50 portals.
T2: Link 1000 portals.
T3: Link 5000 portals.
T4: Link 25000 portals.
T5: Link 100000 portals.

T1: Visit and hack 100 distinct portals.
T2: Visit and hack 1000 distinct portals.
T3: Visit and hack 2000 distinct portals.
T4: Visit and hack 10000 distinct portals.
T5: Visit and hack 30000 distinct portals.

T1: Hack 2000 portals.
T2: Hack 10000 portals.
T3: Hack 30000 portals.
T4: Hack 100000 portals.
T5: Hack 200000 portals.

Mind Controller:
T1: Create 100 control fields.
T2: Create 500 control fields.
T3: Create 2000 control fields.
T4: Create 10000 control fields.
T5: Create 40000 control fields.

T1: Destroy 2000 enemy resonators.
T2: Destroy 10000 enemy resonators.
T3: Destroy 30000 enemy resonators.
T4: Destroy 100000 enemy resonators.
T5: Destroy 300000 enemy resonators.

T1: Discover and successfully submit 10 new portals.
T2: Discover and successfully submit 50 new portals.
T3: Discover and successfully submit 200 new portals.
T4: Discover and successfully submit 500 new portals.
T5: Discover and successfully submit 5000 new portals.

T1: Maintain control of a portal for 3 days.
T2: Maintain control of a portal for 10 days.
T3: Maintain control of a portal for 20 days.
T4: Maintain control of a portal for 90 days.
T5: Maintain control of a portal for 150 days.